Elizabeth Wray Writer


  • Communications

    I tell the stories that bring a company or organization’s history, current trajectory, and vision of the future to life. Vehicles: messaging, viewbooks, case brochures, articles. Some clients: Stanford, Loyola Law School, Planned Parenthood, Family Violence Prevention Fund.


  • Scripts

    Clean water projects in Africa, orphan diseases worldwide – the stories that I script match dire need with innovative solutions. Directors and artists from Wondros take my scripts and transform them into film magic. Some clients: TED, Natural Resources Defense Council, Hewlett-Packard.


  • Stories

    My articles, essays, columns, poetry, and short stories have appeared in such journals as Partisan Review, Sierra Magazine, Health Magazine, Travelers’ Tales, San Francisco Examiner, Performing Arts Journal, Alternative Medicine, Body & Soul, The Straddler, and Next Avenue.