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Elizabeth Wray

I write stories for the global marketplace. My writing has been polymorphous over the years – from opera librettos to feature articles. These days I work in three areas: video scripts to illuminate a company’s social responsibility programs; narratives for universities and healthcare orgs; articles and stories for a variety of magazines. Root facts: I grew up in Oklahoma, spent 7 years working as a playwright, dance Cuban salsa, and ingest large quantities of history and historical fiction.

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  • Communications

    I tell the stories that bring a company or organization’s history, current trajectory, and vision of the future to life. Vehicles: messaging, viewbooks, case brochures, articles. Some clients: Stanford, Loyola Law School, Planned Parenthood, Family Violence Prevention Fund.


  • Scripts

    Clean water projects in Africa, orphan diseases worldwide – the stories that I script match dire need with innovative solutions. Directors and artists from Wondros take my scripts and transform them into film magic. Some clients: TED, Natural Resources Defense Council, Hewlett-Packard.


  • Stories

    My articles, essays, columns, poetry, and short stories have appeared in such journals as Partisan Review, Sierra Magazine, Health Magazine, Travelers’ Tales, San Francisco Examiner, Performing Arts Journal, Alternative Medicine, Body & Soul, The Straddler, and Next Avenue.



Reflections: Winter Bunker

I watch a cardinal peck for garden seeds beneath the snow, despite his redness, despite knowing somewhere overhead hawks circle. I’m reminded of my winter obsession with two bloody world wars, devouring books, movies, and my father the cryptologist’s 1942 war journal. I’m surprised at the waves of feelings that surge up like troops inside […]

Creative Partner: Mike Hartley @ bigflannel

Mike is the wonder who designed/engineered my new website AND taught me how to upload and manage it all by my leaning-toward-Luddite self. Imaginative, upbeat, patient, kind, a great speller, and he speaks Brit, Mike and his company bigflannel work out of Brooklyn and his native London. He has the knack of leading you to […]

Creative Partner: Wondros

One of the joys of my work is collaborating with partners like Wondros, based in Los Angeles. Wondros describes itself as a creative playground for storytellers, strategists, innovators, designers, troublemakers, artists, dreamers, and doers. They translate ideas – often ideas for building a better world – for audiences around the globe. I work with them […]

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